tokina 11-16 movi

C100 + MOVI M5 (Footage reel)

I have wanted a movi ever since watching the sample video when it came out. This is a breakthrough device for motion cinematography. I heard about other companies using the C100 with the smaller movi the M5. So I tried it out, it took a while to get everything dialed in the first time using it. But after I was familiar with all of the adjustments on the movi it only takes about 2 min to balance the camera. I even switched lenses during my shoots from the Tokina 11-16 cine lens to the Sigma 35mm 1.4 ART lens. Only took 1-2 minutes to balance for the new lens. Check out the sample video bellow and please ask any questions that you might have.


Not heavy at all even with a bigger camera (C100).

Balance is very simple to master.

Batteries last a pretty long time about 5-6 when I used it.



Needs auto focus or a focus puller